Here's a list of links to people's sites that we either like or think are worth a visit. Scott Motorcycle Owners Club - Castrol MNZ Road Superbike Championships 2012 - NO HAIR RACING TEAM For details of the Pacific Motorcycle Club Summer Road Race Series - For the official website of Motorcycling New Zealand (MNZ) - Auckland Motorcycle Club - Victoria Motorcycle Club - NZ MotorSport site, NZ Tracks page. - Real Road Racing M/C Street Racing News from Ireland & Isle of Man - the "Worlds Best Classic Sprint Race" - the unofficial Triumph website with lots of photos and some really fun movie clips of bikes in action! - Super Bike News and Action from the UK! - NZ Off Road Motorcycling Info Site. - Motorcycling Canterbury.

Motorcycle Racing Resources - directory of Motorcycle Racing related websites

ISDT website:

Jonas link about motorcycle camping 



If you have a site which you would like us to include in these listings, and you are relevant, specifically to New Zealand motorcyclists, drop us a note with your site address, and a brief description of your site. - Those that we like will make it on to our list. ;)